Main Entrance Closure

There will be extensive works at the front of the main entrance and lower car park. Mon 6th - Mon 20th Aug.

Unfortunately, this means we will be having to divert all access for the building, to the rear entrance, at the bottom of the steps, via the running track.

I would recommend everybody parks in the top car park.

Appologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Vehicles on Site

Can we request that all drivers that wish to drive to our facility park in our park and not out on the near by roads. We do not wish to cause any friction with our neighbours due to them not being able to park outside their homes.

Can all drivers please ensure that they use the correct entrance gate at the top and not the exit gate at the bottom. This has caused many arguments and even led to a few near misses. There are clear road markings and no entry signs that should prevent this.

A reminder that we do have several parking spaces reserved for blue badge holders. If you do not hold one of these badges would you please find another space. We have over 200 spaces that should be ample to accomodate everyone. We also have many users that regularly require these spaces, such as our wheelchair basketball group, paralymipic club, BDSL social group, etc. If you have any special requirements please speak to a member of staff about acquiring a permit.

Your co operation is grately appreciated.

Bradford Jets Moving Session

Bradford Jets have opted to move their training night, from Friday to Thursday night. The new format, starting on the 7th May, will be an hour working in the sports hall (6-7pm), followed by an hour of Wheelchair Rugby (7-8pm) New members are welcome to join.

No Dogs allowed on site.

Unfortunately, due to some careless owners allowing their dogs to foul on the grounds, all dogs are not permitted on to site. I apologise for the considerate owners, that tidy up but its the only way to ensure the site is kept clean from this mess for our students and visitors.

Running Spikes!

Recently we had to pay thousands of pounds to replace the vinyl flooring between the running track entrance and the female toilets due to damge caused by running spikes. Unfortunately, it appears that despite being politely asked to remove them, people are still wearing spikes inside and the new floor is already damaged.

If this continues, fines will be issued, to go towards the cost of repair and the guilty parties could be asked to leave site or running spikes will be banned altogether.

I really hope we don't have to incur anymore damage.

Thank you for your understanding.


Communications issues

The new Direct Landline is now fixed No 01353 297285.

Feel free to email or call my mobile on 07841 020723

Apologies for any inconvenience the issues may have caused.

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